Mobile App Development Because
It Is An Extension Of Your Website

We are the leading mobile application development company, providing applications to enhance the visibility and mobility of your business. As an expert in mobile application development services in the United States, we have been creating feature-rich, high-performance mobile applications for all types of businesses and industries.

Android App Development

Android app development include the design, development and development of mobile software that runs on all supported versions of the Android operating system. APPLICODERS targets Android native, hybrid and cross-platform development and always guarantees a sustainable and seamless mobile experience. :

  • Open Android Studio.
  • In the Welcome to Android Studio dialog, click Start a new Android Studio project.
  • Select the base activity (not the default).
  • Name your app something like My First App.
  • Make sure the language is set to Java.
  • Keep the default values ​​of the other fields.
  • click finish

Our Android App Development services include


Android Widget Development


Android App Integration


Hybrid Android App Development


Android App Consultation


Android App UX/UI Design


Android App Support & Maintaince


Android Application?

APPLICODERS Android application developers use a comprehensive application development method while considering the analysis of business requirements, design look and feel, user experience, and application functionality.

APPLICODERS is keen to use its expertise and capabilities to create a modern and user-friendly platform that creates an exciting opportunity for our organization to launch something new and innovative.